now casting
told you so


Artist: The Script
Song: "We Cry"
Dir: Charles Mehling
Date: January 2008


Artist: The Editors
Song: "Push Your Head Towards The Air"
Dir: Paul Minor
Date: January 2008


Artist: Estelle Feat. Kanye West
Song: "American Boy"
Dir: Syndrome
Date: January 2008


Artist: The Kooks
Song: "Always Where I Want To Be"
Dir: The Malloys
Date: January 2008


Project: Editorial Print Shoot
Client: The Observer (British Press)
Date: February 2008


Artist: Sheryl Crow
Song: "Now That You're Gone"
Dir: The Malloys
Date: February 2008


Project: NIKE Print
Ad Agency : Crispin, Porter & Bogusky-Miami

Title: 'zine print for the "dunk" anniversary
Dorthy Hong
Date: February 2008


Artist: Keziah Jones
Song: "My Kind Of Girl"
Dir: Unknown
Date: May 2008


Project: NIKE Commercial Ad
Dir: Benny Boom
Date: May 2008


Project: TAG Commercial
Dir: Paul Hunter
Date: June 2008


Project: Officemax Commercial Ad
Title:"Penny Pranks"
Dir: Henry Alex Rubin
Date: June 2008


Project: NIKE Online Host
Title:"Take the challenge"
Date: July 2008


Project: activision "spiderman" commercial
Dir: Evan Bernard
Date: August 2008


Project: sears "Holiday Grant a wish"
Date: October 2008